Partsam Pair of Bullet Style 2" Red Brake/Turn Signal/Running 1157 Light

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 2pcs 2" 1157 Rear Red Turn Signal/ Brake /Running Light W/54-SMD 

Chip Type: 54-2835-SMD
Diameter: 2"
Bulb Color: Red
Socket Type: 1157
Application: Rear Turn Signal/ Brake /Running Light 
Installation: Plug & Play

Working Details:
1.Outer Ring dim red: Running Light
2.All LED's Bright Red:Brake Light
3.All LED's flashing bright red:Turn Signal


  • Super Bright 54-2835-SMD chips ensure greater light output
  • with clear heat/cold resistant protective back coating,much durable aganist all elements
  • Standard 1157 socket with dual contact, excetly replace your stock light.
  • Upgraded Waterproof designed socket, save usage and longer life span.
  • Plug and Play design, more convenience and save your time in installation.


For  2" turn signal lights, just Plug & Play rear turn signals ;1157 dual contact bases (models without center taillight) and Bullet Style (pop-off) lens and 2009 - 2012 Street Bob.
If your bike models with center taillight, need choosing our 1156 single contact bulb bases model.
Fits Yamaha Models, Honda Cruisers, Kawasaki Models and Chopper.
(Load Equalizer is required on 2013 Earlier Sportsters, 2011 Earlier Dynas, 2010 Earlier Softails, 2013 Earlier H-D, 
Touring and H-D Trikes and all V-Rod Models to ensure proper function and flash speed of LED Turn Signals.)

For 3-1/4” Flat Style turn signals, please use together with circle Rubber Gel Board. Flat style turn signals can be identified by the two screws that affix the lens to the base.

Package Included:

2pcs 2" 1157 Rear Turn Signal Brake Running Light w/54SMD 
2pcs Rubber Gel Board

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